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Summer Locations/Schedules

2017 Summer Awesome Activity Week Dates/Locations

See below for locations and dates at a glance.

Click HERE for a description of our exciting programs!

You can also see prices, locations, register on line and find contact info for 3rd party registration on our registration page HERE 


List of Programs by Location (Page Down to See Listing by Week)

CTBristol Parks and Rec7/10/20177/13/20171pm-4pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
CTBristol Parks and Rec7/17/20177/20/20171pm-4pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTBristol Parks and Rec7/24/20177/27/20171pm-4pm3-6Red Hot Robots
CTCoventry Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-12pm1-5Space & Beyond
CTCoventry Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
CTCoventry Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-4pm1-5Space/Rockets Full Day
CTCromwell Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20179am-12pmPreK-1 Jr. Scientist
CTCromwell Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20171pm-4pm3-6Red Hot Robots
CTEast Granby Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTEast Granby Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
CTEast Granby Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-4pm1-5Brixology/Rockets Full Day
CTEast Haddam Parks and Rec8/14/2017 8/18/2017 9am-12pm1-5 Space & Beyond 
CTEast Haddam Parks and Rec8/14/2017 8/18/2017 1pm-4pm 1-5 Crazy Chemworks
CTEast Haddam Parks and Rec 8/14/2017 8/18/2017 9am-4pm 1-5 Space/Chemworks Full Day 
CTFarmington Public Schools6/26/20176/30/20179am-12pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
CTFarmington Public Schools6/26/20176/30/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
CTFarmington Public Schools6/26/20176/30/20179am-4pm1-5Secret Agent/Rockets Full Day
CTGlastonbury Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20179am-12pm1-5Anatomy Academy
CTGlastonbury Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20171pm-4pm1-5Anatomy Academy
CTGranby Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20179am-12pm3-6Red Hot Robots
CTGranby Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20171pm-4pm1-5Space & Beyond
CTGranby Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20179am-4pm3-6Robots/Space Full Day
CTHebron Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-12pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTHebron Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20171pm-4pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
CTHebron Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-4pm1-5Eureka/Secret Agent Full Day
CTMansfield Parks and Rec7/10/20177/14/20179am-12pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTMansfield Parks and Rec7/10/20177/14/20171pm-4pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
CTMansfield Parks and Rec7/10/20177/14/20179am-4pm1-5Eureka/Secret Agent Full Day
CTMiddletown Recreation7/10/20177/14/20179am-11:30am1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTMiddletown Recreation7/10/20177/14/201712:30pm-3:00pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTMiddletown Recreation7/10/20177/14/20179am-3pm1-5Brixology/Eureka
CTMiddletown Recreation7/24/20177/28/20179am-11:30am1-5Crazy Chemworks
CTMiddletown Recreation7/24/20177/28/201712:30pm-3:00pm 1-5Space & Beyond
CTMiddletown Recreation7/24/20177/28/20179am-3pm1-5 Chemworks/Space
CTSimsbury - Master's School7/10/20177/14/20179am-12pm1-5Survival: Plants, Predators & Prey
CTSimsbury - Master's School 7/10/20177/14/20171pm-4pm1-5Space & Beyond
CTSimsbury - Master's School 7/10/20177/14/20179am-4pm1-5Survival/Space
CTSimsbury - Master's School 7/24/20177/28/20179am-12pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
CTSimsbury - Master's School 7/24/20177/28/20171pm-4pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTSimsbury - Master's School7/24/20177/28/20179am-4pm1-5Secret Agent/Eureka
CTSimsbury Parks and Rec7/17/20177/21/20171pm-4pm1-5Space & Beyond
CTSimsbury Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20179am-12pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTSimsbury Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
CTSimsbury Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20179am-4pm1-5Eureka/Rockets Full Day
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec6/26/20176/30/20179am-12pm1-5Eureka! Invention
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec6/26/20176/30/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec6/26/20176/30/20179am-4pm1-5Eureka/Rockets Full Day
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-12pm1-5 Space & Beyond
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20171pm-4pm1-5 Secret Agent Lab
CTSouth Windsor Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-4pm1-5 Space/Secret Agent Full Day
CTTorrington Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTWethersfield Parks and Rec8/7/20178/11/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTWethersfield Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-12pm1-5Survival: Plants, Predators & Prey
CTWindsor Public Schools7/10/20177/13/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTWindsor Public Schools7/17/20177/20/20179am-12pm1-5Space & Beyond
CTWindsor Public Schools7/24/20177/27/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
CTWindsor Public Schools7/31/20178/3/20179am-12pm3-6Red Hot Robots
MAChicopee Parks and Rec8/14/20178/18/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
MAClinton Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
MAClinton Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
MAClinton Parks and Rec8/21/20178/25/20179am-4pm1-5Brixology/Rockets Full Day
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/10/20177/14/20179am-12pm1-6Crazy Chemworks
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/10/20177/14/20171pm-4pm3-6Red Hot Robots
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/10/20177/14/20179am-4pm3-6Chemworks/Robots Full Day
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/17/20177/21/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/17/20177/21/20171pm-4pm1-5Eureka! Invention
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/17/20177/21/20179am-4pm1-5Brixology/Eureka Full Day
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/24/20177/28/20179am-12pm1-5Survival: Plants, Predators & Prey
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/24/20177/28/20171pm-4pm1-5Secret Agent Lab
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/24/20177/28/20179am-4pm1-5Survival/Secret Agent Full Day
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/31/20178/4/20179am-12pm1-5Space & Beyond
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/31/20178/4/20171pm-4pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
MAEasthampton Comm. Center7/31/20178/4/20179am-4pm1-5Space/Rockets Full Day
 MA Hadley Parks and Rec8/21/2017 8/25/2017  9am-12pm 1-5Secret Agent Lab
 MA Hadley Parks and Rec8/21/2017 8/25/2017  1pm-4pm 1-5Space & Beyond
 MA Hadley Parks and Rec8/21/2017 8/25/2017  9am-4pm 1-5Secret Agent/Space Full Day
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/17/20177/21/20179am-12pm1-5Rockin' Rockets
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/17/20177/21/20171pm-4pm3-6Red Hot Robots
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/17/20177/21/20179am-4pm3-6Rockets/Robots Full Day
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/24/20177/28/20179am-12pm1-5Space & Beyond
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/24/20177/28/20171pm-4pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
MALongmeadow Parks and Rec7/24/20177/28/20179am-4pm1-5Space/Brixology Full Day
MA Longmeadow - Storrs Library 8/21/2017 8/25/2017 9am-12pm 1-5 Anatomy Academy  
MANorthampton @ LGA8/14/20178/18/20179am-12pm1-5Eureka! Invention
MANorthampton @ LGA8/14/20178/18/20171pm-4pm1-5Anatomy Academy
MANorthampton @ LGA8/14/20178/18/20179am-4pm1-5Eureka/Anatomy Full Day
MAOxford Community Center 7/17/2017 7/20/2017 1pm-4pm 1-5 Secret Agent Lab
MA Oxford Community Center 8/7/2017 8/10/2017 1pm-4pm 3-6 Red Hot Robots 
MAWilbraham Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20179am-12pm1-5Brixology: Engineering with LEGO
MAWilbraham Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20171pm-4pm1-5Eureka! Invention
MAWilbraham Parks and Rec7/31/20178/4/20179am-4pm1-5Brixology/Eureka
 VTBrattleboro Parks and Rec 7/17/2017 7/21/2017 9am-12pm 1-5 Rockin' Rockets 


List of Program Locations by Week


LocationTopicWeek BeginningWeek EndingAM/PM
South Windsor Parks and RecEureka! Invention6/26/20176/30/2017AM
South Windsor Parks and RecRockin' Rockets6/26/20176/30/2017PM
Farmington Public SchoolsSecret Agent Lab6/26/20176/30/2017AM
Farmington Public SchoolsRockin' Rockets6/26/20176/30/2017PM
Bristol Parks and RecSecret Agent Lab7/10/20177/13/2017PM
Middletown RecreationBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/10/20177/14/2017AM
Middletown RecreationEureka! Invention7/10/20177/14/2017PM
Mansfield Parks and RecEureka! Invention7/10/20177/14/2017AM
Mansfield Parks and RecSecret Agent Lab7/10/20177/14/2017PM
Windsor SchoolsBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/10/20177/13/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterCrazy Chemworks7/10/20177/14/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterRed Hot Robots7/10/20177/14/2017PM
Simsbury - Masters School Survival: Plants, Predators & Prey 7/10/20177/14/2017AM
Simsbury - Masters SchoolSpace & Beyond7/10/20177/14/2017PM
Bristol Parks and RecAnatomy Academy7/17/20177/20/2017PM
Simsbury Parks and RecSpace & Beyond7/17/20177/21/2017PM
Windsor SchoolsSpace & Beyond7/17/20177/20/2017AM
Longmeadow Parks and RecRockin' Rockets7/17/20177/21/2017AM
Longmeadow Parks and RecRed Hot Robots7/17/20177/21/2017PM
Brattleboro Parks and RecRockin' Rockets7/17/20177/21/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/17/20177/21/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterEureka! Invention7/17/20177/21/2017PM
Middletown RecreationCrazy Chemworks7/24/20177/28/2017AM
Middletown RecreationSpace & Beyond7/24/20177/28/2017PM
Bristol Parks and RecRed Hot Robots7/24/20177/27/2017PM
Windsor SchoolsBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/24/20177/27/2017AM
Longmeadow Parks and RecSpace & Beyond7/24/20177/28/2017AM
Longmeadow Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/24/20177/28/2017PM
Easthampton Community CenterSurvival: Plants, Predators & Prey7/24/20177/28/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterSecret Agent Lab7/24/20177/28/2017PM
Simsbury - Master's SchoolSecret Agent Lab7/24/20177/28/2017AM
Simsbury - Master's SchoolEureka! Invention7/24/20177/28/2017PM
Glastonbury Parks and RecAnatomy Academy7/31/20178/4/2017AM
Glastonbury Parks and RecAnatomy Academy7/31/20178/4/2017PM
Windsor SchoolsRed Hot Robots7/31/20178/3/2017AM
Wilbraham Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO7/31/20178/4/2017AM
Wilbraham Parks and RecEureka! Invention7/31/20178/4/2017PM
Easthampton Community CenterSpace & Beyond7/31/20178/4/2017AM
Easthampton Community CenterRockin' Rockets7/31/20178/4/2017PM
Granby Parks and RecRed Hot Robots7/31/20178/4/2017AM
Granby Parks and RecSpace & Beyond7/31/20178/4/2017PM
South Windsor Parks and RecSpace & Beyond8/7/20178/11/2017AM
South Windsor Parks and RecSecret Agent Lab8/7/20178/11/2017PM
Torrington Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO8/7/20178/11/2017AM
Hebron Parks and RecEureka! Invention8/7/20178/11/2017AM
Hebron Parks and RecSecret Agent Lab8/7/20178/11/2017PM
Wethersfield Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO8/7/20178/11/2017AM
Northampton @ LGAEureka! Invention8/14/20178/18/2017AM
Northampton @LGAAnatomy Academy8/14/20178/18/2017PM
Chicopee Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO8/14/20178/18/2017AM
East Granby Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO8/14/20178/18/2017AM
East Granby Parks and RecRockin' Rockets8/14/20178/18/2017PM
Wethersfield Parks and RecSurvival: Plants, Predators & Prey8/14/20178/18/2017AM
Coventry Parks and RecSpace & Beyond8/14/20178/18/2017AM
Coventry Parks and RecRockin' Rockets8/14/20178/18/2017PM
Clinton Parks and RecBrixology: Engineering with LEGO8/21/20178/25/2017AM
Clinton Parks and RecRockin' Rockets8/21/20178/25/2017PM
Simsbury Parks and RecEureka! Invention8/21/20178/25/2017AM
Simsbury Parks and RecRockin' Rockets8/21/20178/25/2017PM
Cromwell Parks and RecJr. Scientist8/21/20178/25/2017AM
Cromwell Parks and RecRed Hot Robots8/21/20178/25/2017PM
Hadley Parks and RecSecret Agent Lab8/21/20178/25/2017AM
Hadley Parks and RecSpace & Beyond8/21/20178/25/2017PM
Longmeadow - Storrs LibraryAnatomy Academy8/21/20178/25/2017AM


 You can also see prices, locations, register on line and find contact info for 3rd party registration on our registration page HERE

Click HERE for a description of our exciting programs!



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