Our Demonstration Discovery Station Themes


Amazing Air

Dynamic air fun! Levitate balls on air, feel the power of a vortex of air, and see impressive vacuum pump demos.


Bubbling Potions/Dry Ice

Explore one of the most exciting and unique substances out there! Experience Dry Ice “burps”, the Mad Science “shower”, and a special effects fog cover.


Circuit Madness

Experiment with electric circuits and build your own simple circuits to power lights and buzzers.


Comets and Asteroids

Learn about asteroids and recreate the impact craters asteroids have made on our moon. Watch as we create a “kitchen” comet and simulate an asteroid burn out as it hits the atmosphere.


Energy Blast

Learn about potential and kinetic energy using our cool rubber band cars, poppers and boinks.


Fantastic Forces

Learn about forces through trying to balance a balancing bird or making a pile of bolts stand without assistance. See how centripetal force can keep a full cup of water from spilling as it is spun in a circle.


Fun with Candy

Learn the science behind gasified candy. Play with candy chromatography. Use your senses and put different candies to a smell test and much more. We can even make a candy “fountain”, if you have the space.


Light and Lasers

Learn about the spectrum of visible and invisible light, see all the colors in light with our Diffraction glasses, and explore a laser maze.


Mad Machines

Learn about the 6 simple machines and how they make everyone’s life easier.


Optical Illusions

Be mystified by the wonders of optical illusions! Test your ability to find hidden images and experience how many ways our eyes can be tricked.


Silly Sounds

Learn about sound using all sorts of cool musical instruments. Experience an effects generator to hear your voice go from chipmunk to Darth Vader.


Wacky Water

Create tornados and use a Cartesian diver. See “magic” sand that is afraid of water. Experiment with surface tension.


Zap Attack

Create “indoor lightning”, find out if things are conductors or insulators (including you!), and test your nerves with our own electrical buzzer game.


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