Our Grades 3-6 Workshop Themes



A series of hands-on workshops on the topic of chemistry! Topics include Lab Works, Ph Phactor, Junior Reactors, Chem in a Flash, The Glow Show, Mix it Up, Che-Mystery, and more! Please inquire for individual topic descriptions.


"Current" Events

Students excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Fantastic Fliers

Fantastic Fliers is an ideal combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, and the perfect introduction to the basics of aerodynamics. Students will learn about the four forces which affect a plane in flight: drag, gravity, lift and forward thrust; and they will witness, experience, play with, and use these forces to their advantage in the construction of incredible paper planes!


Forensic and Spy Science

A series of hands-on workshops on the topic of detective science, forensics and spy gadgets. Note: certain topics may not be available during seasons when Secret Agent Lab is running as an after-school program (currently 2019 Fall). Please inquire for more details, including topic choices.


Fun-damental Forces

This program gives kids a vivid & concise understanding of what makes the universe tick: gravity, inertia, centrifugal force, & centripetal force. Kids will encounter and experiment using their own force of gravity. They will visit 4 work stations to learn & experiment with gravity, precession, centrifugal force, & centripetal force.



This workshop introduces kids to how inventors work and that many inventions happen by accident. Through a hands-on approach, students will learn that anyone, of any age, can be an inventor.


Matter of Fact

Students explore molecules and the forces that hold atoms together. Through a hands-on approach, they will observe the dramatic differences between physical and chemical changes as they mix up a batch of their very own Mad Science Putty to take home.


Movie Effects

Movie Effects is an exciting introduction to the science involved in the spectacular special effects & technology that are behind motion picture magic. Kids learn the science applications in film-making, from the chemistry of movie snow, to the acoustics of Foley artist sound effects, to the optics of 3-D technology.


Optical Illusions

Kids are introduced to the concepts of refraction, science of optics, & biology associated with sight. We use a wide variety of optical illusions like the mirror mirage, twisting coils, & convex &concave mirrors to demonstrate how physics can trick our eyes. Kids will get to make their own periscope to keep & take-home!


Radical Robots

Radical Robots reinforces the concept that science & technology go hand in hand. Kids discover how robots work in our place & are introduced to several real-life examples. Kids move through station to test & differentiate between robots, automatons, & remote-control devices. They learn how robotic devices use sensors to learn about their environment. Kids will make a coding key chain to take home.


Rocket Building

90-100 minutes; Additional cost for extra time Rocket Building introduces kids to the parts of a rocket while building their own model rocket to keep & take-home! 90-100 minutes, there is an additional cost for extra time. OPTIONAL: A Rocket Launch is an additional $49, and we will launch 2 rockets.


Slime Time

Slime Time provides an entertaining lesson on polymers & their properties. These relatively complex chemistry concepts are introduced to elementary school-age kids in tactile, visually-engaging experiments. Students create cross-linked polymers based on their observations of the properties of polymers and cross-linking agents.


Space Science

Many of our Space-themed sessions, including our collaboration with NASA, are available as individual workshops. These topics include Space Phenomena, Living in Space, Atmosphere and Beyond, Planets and Moons, Sun and Stars, Space Technology, Space Travel and Alien iMADginations. Please inquire for individual topic descriptions.


Under Pressure

Under Pressure introduces kids to the exciting science of aerodynamics & a host of associated scientific concepts including air pressure, the science of flight, Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s Laws of Motion, & thermodynamics. Students will be challenged to stop and consider air, its effects on our surroundings, & its significance to us and to life on earth.


More Topics Available

Can't find what you are looking for? We have many more topics available, please contact the office for more information, 413-584-7243 or events@madsciencewne.com


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